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Building on the buzz

Collaboration is everywhere: it’s the cornerstone of culture, key to growth, and topic of choice for keynotes, pitches and soundbites. But collaboration suffers from a malaise that affects many buzzwords – it’s overused, bland.

Click on the link below to read the full article by Jenni Emery (former director of strategy at CMS) to learn how CMS partnered with ObjectiveManger to drive actionable collaboration.


About ObjectiveManager

At ObjectiveManager, we have developed goal-setting software to help professional services firms and their people define strategy and improve performance through continuous feedback to power growth.

By simplifying the way firms conduct the entirety of their strategic planning from Sector/Client progammes to Partner Remuneration, we help them improve collaboration and optimise conditions for growth. Our innovative software turns individual gains into big business impact by making individual and firm-wide objectives visible, constant and actionable.

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